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Phoenix Health & Safety are one of the leading training providers of NEBOSH qualifications globally. We pride ourselves on excellent quality and interactive resources, expert supporting tutors and positive learning experiences.

We also provide guidance on some of those softer topics, such as motivation, critical thinking, reflective practice and study techniques to enable you to achieve the best in your studies.   We are so confident in our support and materials that we offer a pass pledge, which means we will continue to support you (free of charge) until you successfully complete your qualifications.

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National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a leading global organisation, which provides health, safety and environmental qualification since 1979.   NEBOSH qualifications are highly respected by governments, employers more than half a million people from around the world who have studied for a NEBOSH qualification. 

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC)

First introduced in 2005, the NEBOSH IGC is held by more than 80,000 people worldwide. Each year, more people take the NEBOSH International General Certificate than any other NEBOSH qualification. Holders of this accredited qualification are able to identify, evaluate and control a wide range of workplace hazards. The qualification encourages a pragmatic approach to managing risk and the content can be applied in workplaces anywhere in the world.

Is NEBOSH IGC for me?

Holding a NEBOSH International General Certificate demonstrate a sound knowledge in applying health and safety practices wherever you work. Employers seek practitioners with the NEBOSH IGC as it is held in high reverence within the industry.

If you are seeking to embark, establish or boost your career in health and safety, the NEBOSH IGC provides a valuable foundation for further professional study as a qualified safety practitioner and contributes towards professional industry membership.


Key topics covered

  • International standards for health and safety at work
  • Implementation of health and safety management systems
  • Identification of workplace hazards
  • Methods of hazard control
  • Practical application of knowledge and understanding

Syllabus Covered

Unit 1: Management of Health & Safety (IGC1)

  • Element 1 - Foundations in Health & Safety
  • Element 2 - Health & Safety Management Systems 1 - Plan
  • Element 3 - Health & Safety Management Systems 2 - Do
  • Element 4 - Health & Safety Management Systems 3 - Check
  • Element 5 - Health & Safety Management Systems 4 - Act

Unit 2: Control of International Workplace Hazards (GC2)

  • Element 1 - Workplace Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 2 - Transport Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 3 - Musculoskeletal Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 4 - Work Equipment Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 5 - Electrical Safety
  • Element 6 - Fire Safety
  • Element 7 - Chemical & Biological Health Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 8 - Physical & Psychological Health Hazards & Risk Control

Recommended study hours: 133 hours


Assessments for this course take the form of a written examination for each of the two taught units. Following the successful completion of each unit, you will receive a unit certificate. A practical assessment must also be completed. This takes place at your own workplace, or a workplace that you can gain access to. After completing the two exams and practical assessment, you will be awarded a certificate award parchment.


We appreciate that studying full time in a classroom is not an option for many people who are juggling work and family commitments. An eLearning programme allows you the flexibility to study at your time and pace, anywhere in the world.

Phoenix eLearning Programme

We pride ourselves on innovated, stimulating and interactive programme, that includes:

  • A study guide to provide an overview of the course material and details of how to start your studies.
  • A study planner to help you organise your learning in a structured manner.
  • Our study books contain activities, revision aids, such as acronyms, pop questions and further reading material.   The programme is extremely flexible, with course material displayed as online PDFs which can be read online or downloaded for offline study when it's more convenient.
  • An On-board induction video to help you with learning and revision techniques.
  • Access to our audiobooks covering the content of our study books, so you can listen to the text as you read through or download the audios and listen to it offline whilst you are on the go.
  • The programme also includes e-learning revisions sections to review what you have learnt, including interactive quizzes.
  • We provide gudiance on examination techniques to help you achieve your best in the exams.
  • To enable you to practice your exam techniques, we have a tutor marked assignment or a mock paper that you can complete and send in for marking by one of our expert tutors.
  • As a student of Phoenix, you will also have access to our online library full of additional revision aids, videos and mindmaps.
  • You can also join our online study forum that has over 2,500 Phoenix students who are studying their NEBOSH and using this platform to share ideas, notes, pose questions and talk to each other and our tutors live.To keep you upto date you will receive copies of our monthly newsletter which provides summary text of elements from the syllabus and further news on resources available.

All our materials are of high quality, informative, engaging and interactive.

Our course can be accessed on computer, tablet or mobile devices. It is not necessary to complete the courses in one session, as the system bookmarks where you have left the session, so that you can continue later from where you left off.

You can access anywhere in the world and complete your studies around your lifestyle and work.

Samples of our material

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The Phoenix Team

Our team of expert tutors, which includes degree level, including doctorate qualified, will be available to offer full learning support throughout the duration of the course. They can be contacted by phone, email, Skype or via our technical tutor support messaging system. Our eLearning material have been developed in-house by our specialist technical team to guarantee a high-quality learning experience and ensuring any changes to standards are swiftly implemented, maintaining the most up to date material. We also have a dedicated team of support staff to assist you with any queries you may have about the qualification and booking.


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